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Meeting Support 
Business Services International, Inc., BSI, a meeting planning and educational company, provides full-service meeting and conference support services.  Services include securing and coordinating hotels and convention centers, assisting in the overall meeting preparation, as well as coordinating all on-site management.  BSI assists companies with strategic planning, working with faculty, and marketing the various conferences and meetings to targeted groups and memberships.  Meetings for clients range from one-hour programs to several days, with the number of attendees ranging from 10 to 1,000.  In addition, BSI assists in developing pre and post-meeting educational materials, including accredited programs for various professionals. 
Special Events 
Business Services International, Inc. provides full-service and support for special events.  Services include site selection, negotiating vendor contracts, securing the event sites, assisting with the overall event preparation, as well as coordinating all on-site management and logistics.  BSI provides personalized service to clients for their special events, planning the entire event or certain portions.  This includes day-to-day management and/or on-site coordination.  Events include Weddings, Anniversaries, Receptions, Family Celebrations, Retirement Parties, Theme Parties, Fundraisers, Excursions, and more. Various group activities have included golf tournaments, silent auctions, horseback riding, biking, sailing, snorkeling/scuba diving, kayaking, and dog sledding.  Special Events range from intimate gatherings to large scale celebrations.

Marketing & Fundraising   
Business Services International, Inc. provides both marketing and fundraising services.   Marketing services are essential in improving a company’s business and giving it the competitive edge it desires.  Innovative marketing techniques are vital to the success of an organization’s fundraising program.  Fundraising services enhance the organization’s goals, making it more successful. Together or individually, BSI provides these services to clients to meet their specific needs.
BSI’s services include developing a marketing strategy to ensure a company’s products and services meet customer needs.  BSI aids in developing long-term profitable relationships with the company’s customers; adapting to individual customer demand. Identifying new markets to target and reaching them through various forms of advertising – e-mail marketing, social media, ad copy, mailers, and invitations are some of the methods used to accomplish client goals.  Special Events are held to promote products and services to potential and existing customers. 
BSI works with organizations to increase their awareness among potential donors and sponsors.  Ensuring a group’s mission statement and philosophy is known and how programs can benefit others is essential in raising funds.  Making direct contact with individuals and groups and holding special events is important in accomplishing these goals.  Enlisting the help of board members and/or corporate support is vital.  Special Events have included Educational Programs, Theme Parties, Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions, and others. 
Business Services International, Inc. has worked with clients and provided services throughout North America, Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean.  Debbie Kurth, Founder and President, has been in the meeting planning and special events industry, including marketing and fundraising for many years.  Prior to this, she was in the health care industry.  Debbie was an Administrator for primary care, sub-acute, and long-term care facilities.  She established various Quality Assurance Programs that met JCAHO and other licensing requirements.  She developed educational programs for RCFE Certification classes and was a Pharmacy Marketing Consultant.  Debbie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology/Speech, a Masters in Business Administration in Health Care, an Administrator's license in both California and Wisconsin, and a Preceptor's license in California. 


Business Services International, Inc. has worked with many individuals and groups planning both social and business events.  BSI provides a personalized service tailored to fit its clients’ specific needs with an innovative and fresh approach, making each event an unique experience.   
Business Services International, Inc. is located in southern California. 

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